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Nokia 6230i Review

Review by Ashok and Rohan K on Thu 2 Jun
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Package Contents

The box contents :

1. Nokia 6230i phone
2. Standard Li-Ion Battery BL-5C3. 64 mb mmc
4. Stereo handsfree
5. Travel Charger
6. Manual
7. CD

The Nokia 6230, according to me, was one of the best phones of 2004. It was a complete phone. The major complaints with the 6230 were the small screen and a poor display. There were lots of expectations and rumors regarding the upgrade model. Finally, Nokia introduced the 6230i one year after the launch of the 6230. At first sight you will mistake the 6230i as the 6230 because there is no physical difference between the two phones. The 6230i has the same dimensions of 103?44?20 mm but weighs just 2 grams more than the predecessor.
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